Kaettekitazoyo! Kotaro wa Hitori Gurashi (2023)

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Kotaro Sato started attending elementary school in the recent spring. Every morning, he heads to school alone, supported by his neighbors, including Shin Karino and Mizuki Akitomo. Kotaro is determined to learn various skills, as he knows that the donations he receives may suddenly stop. He wants to be self-sufficient and have a job to support himself when that time comes.

Noticing Kotaro’s determination, manga writer Shin Karino asks him for help with his work. Kotaro willingly assists Shin Karino in meeting his manga deadline. However, unfortunately, Kotaro accidentally messes up Shin Karino’s manuscript.
~~ Adapted from the manga series “Kotaro wa 1-ri Kurashi” (コタローは1人暮らし) by Tsumura Mami (津村マミ).

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