Kami no Tsuki


Rika Umezawa (Tomoyo Harada) is a housewife who pursues things that will bring her small happiness in life. Her husband Masabumi (Ken Mitsuishi) holds a stern belief that he will support his wife Rinka. The couple do not have children. Rika begins to work part-time at a bank. She visits her clients’ homes. Sometimes, she even helps her elderly clients’ with their house chores. This builds a strong level of trust with her clients. One day, she visits client Kojo Hirabayashi’s (Mickey Curtis). At his home, she meets his grandchil Kota (Shinnosuke Mitsushima) who came to ask for money. Her encounter with Kota changes her. Soon, Rika embezzles one hundred million yen from her bank and runs away. Two years later, Rika’s former high school friends Yuko Okazaki (Maki Mizuno) and Aki Nakaji (Naomi Nishida) trace her embezzlement case and face their own darkness.

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