Karm Wayla Tharm Ha Ruk

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“Crossing Time…in Search of Love” starts out in the year 2535 (1992) of a life of a young man named Phet (Bie). Phet works at a pub as a singer. His dream is to be famous, presumably with his singing. He has a supportive girlfriend named Prae Pim (Vill) and her father disapproves of their relationship so he devices a plan to break them up by betrothing Prae Pim to Phitnu (Sathaporn). Because they want to be together, Prae Pim and Phet run off together to Hua Hin. One day in Hua Hin, they went to a temple festival and they got into an argument. Phet distanced himself from Prae Pim and went under an arch of fortune teller and meets Jao Por Sai Ngaam (Kroo Meud), an guardian spirit. He sees that Phet will meet a critical fate soon, so he uses his supernatural powers to send Phet to the year 2554 (2011) to show Phet his future. Phet has crossed 19 years to the future and sees Prae Pim (Nok Sinjai) again, who is now 43 years old with a teenage daughter named Mai (Grand). At first, Phet be

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