Kaseifu no Mitazono 3

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Mitazono Kaoru is a superb housekeeper who belongs to Musubi Housekeeping Agency. Although he is a male in an industry dominated by females, he handles housework such as cleaning, laundry, cooking and babysitting perfectly. However, it is not just the dirt in the house that Mitazono cleans. He learns the family secrets and exposes the family for who they really are. Then he gives the last push that breaks up relationships. However, this becomes the catalyst for the family to start again and solve the problems they have. This time Mitazaono is in the service of a family that drills for oil in Arabia. He is summoned back to Japan by Musubi Yoriko and is tasked with teaching her newphew Murata Hikaru to stand on his own two feet. And so Mitazono takes Hikaru and the young housekeeper Onda Moe and act as a trio.

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