kaze no haruken


The 73rd NHK Asadora Drama is Kaze no Haruka, written by Omori Mika. The story is on Mizuno Haruka from Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, which is known as a hot spring resort. At the age of nine, Haruka moves from Osaka to Yufuin with her father Yosuke and her younger sister Asuka because Yosuke hopes to open a restaurant in the town. Her mother Yuko, however, chooses to stay in Osaka and the parents soon get a divorce. Yosuke starts running a restaurant but ends up closing it down soon after. Ten years later, Haruka supports her family by working part time while going to a junior college. Worrying about Haruka, Yuko invites her to come to Osaka and offers her a job. Although she has not forgiven her mother, Haruka decides to earn money in Osaka to help Yosuke reopen the restaurant. Through various experiences in Osaka, Haruka gradually understands her mother and grows as a tour planner with her talent for pleasing people. The drama depicts Haruka’s struggle to regain family ties and to realize her dream

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