Kekkon ni Ichiban Chikakute Tooi Onna SP


Beppu Sumire (Imoto Ayako) is a wedding planner who works for True Love Bridal (TLB), a well-established wedding hall. Her late mother, Sakura (Okunuki Kaoru), showered love on her and would always tell her that she is lovely. After she passed away, Sumire lived with her father, Tetsuro (Kusakari Masao). Sumire gave up on her own romance long ago because of her disappointing looks. But she works hard with a smile even when she gets scolded by her stern superior, Umemiya Hitomi (Tomosaka Rie), her impertinent junior, Sudo Yuri (Shinkawa Yua), pins trouble on her, and her relationship with her father is not working out, in order to bring smiles to many people’s faces. One day, the very good-looking Tachibana Soichiro (Shirota Yu) assumes the position of TLB’s new president. Sumire becomes his mentor. She is rapidly attracted to him because of his boundless kindness. However, Soichiro, who is the son of the owner of TLB Group, appears to have mixed feelings about marriage and love … … Meanwhile, a couple, Suzuki Yusuke (Wada Masato) and Sato Kanna (Sasaki Nozomi), visits TLB. Sumire tries to serve them. However, as soon as Kanna sees Sumire’s face, she starts to talk about wanting to change the person in charge. Even after that, she stubbornly refuses to have contact with Sumire. Sumire agonises about her face being the reason. Then she recalls that Kanna share the same first and names as her best friend in high school. However, the Kanna in the photo which Sumire still carries about with her, has no resemblance to the Kanna now. Could Kanna have had plastic surgery … …?! Sumire, who cannot give up a reunion with her good friend whom she even dreams about, hits out at Kanna. As a result, Sumire is put in charge of Kanna’s ceremony, but will she be able to guide Kanna to a happy wedding?

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