Kham See Than Dorn

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Deunsip is a modern woman in a middle-class family. Her family consists of father, mother and younger brother, Duan. Her family is in a terrible situation because Duan is using drugs. It is the main reason for the family of Lamtarn, Deunsip’s boyfriend, to question their relationship. Lamtarn’s family is well-known in high society, so his mother doesn’t want him to pick a girl with a bad family background, like Deunsip. Yupra, Deunsip’s close friend, decides to take her on a trip to southern Thailand, in order to get away from the conflicts for a while.
In the tour group, Deunsip meets Tiangwan and his mother. People in the group notice that Tiangwan is strange; he’s aloof, seems uninterested in the beautiful sites and prefers not to mix with the group. Tiangwan is a man who used to use drugs for a long time. Although he has now stopped using them, he still needs to find confidence and purpose in his life. Deunsip is delighted to find out that he has managed to shake off the addiction and wants him to help her brother. Tiangwan agrees because he starts liking Deunsip and wants to make her happy. ~~ Based on Novel that won award for Most Outstanding Book in 1997.

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