Khon La Lok 2015

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Tibet is poor guy, and comes from south, and come to Bangkok for working. He is bellboy in a famous hotel. At here, he meets his first love, Kolmekkala or Moth. Tibet has secretly loved Moth who is a niece of Khun Ying Srimuang, the owner hotel. He has to stop his love, because she and he live in each a world. He tries to work hard, and he dreams that he will be a millionaire, because her. Tibet take Butr who is his sister to work for Khun ying Nillsee who is Srimuang’s daughter in law. She works as a maid. Tibet takes Runjuan and But moving from the dorm to small house. Kanon who is Nillsee son like take girl to his room. He rape Butr. She try to defy, but she can’t. Butr so sad, and she think that this city is wild. It different from her world. Tibet know about Kanon raping Butr. He come to Kanon, and give him take responsibilities Butr. But Kanon don’t care, and that Tibet and him live in each a class. Kanon give Tibet a money. Tibet very angry, and complain him that he is not a hum

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