Kidnap (2007)

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Three years ago, the drama tutor Lam Hiu-Yeung’s brother was kidnapped and killed. The case was handled by Inspector Madem Ho Yuen Chun, who is known for her sharp wit and intelligence, but was unfortunately unable to save Lam Hiu-Yeung’s brother in the end.
Now Lam Hiu-Yeung faces the horror of losing her husband, Liu Quian, who has cancer. While trying to find a means to get the money to pay for his medical expenses abroad, Lam Hiu-Yeung recalls how the Police handled her brother’s kidnap; and feeling desperate and helpless, she decides to risk it all and plan a kidnap for some quick ransom money. Her target is Tycoon Wong Sam’s seven-year-old son, opening a case that is also handled by Inspector Madem Ho Yuen Chun.
Strangely to Ho Yuen Chun, the kidnappers seem to be able to predict the Police’s every move, turning the negotiation process into a psychological battlefield. As the Police periodically lose track of the kidnappers involved, they don’t realize that they are in fact getting closer to find out the true identity of the criminals. Finally, just as the truth is about to be revealed, Ho Yuen Chun discovers that the hostage is in fact her own son, Ho-yin.
As the pressure becomes too much for Ho Yuen Chun, she begins to lose her mind, driving her to use desperate measures and risk her career in order to solve the case once and for all.

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