Kill 2017

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Lin Sen, nine to five office workers, consciously work tasteless and unable to change, crush a girl for a long time, did not have the courage to get to know. Finally, in the loss of the whistle of the instigation, stole the girl’s bag, trying to create a package through the opportunity to package, but found that there is a bag of bags of diamonds, worth millions, whistle feat, want to have their own. Immediately, things began to get out of control, such as the butterfly effect as out of control, accidentally one after another, all the way after another, secret plot endless, dangerous like a ring. Originally a “stealing package girl” little things, but the two push the bottomless swirl … …

  There is such a story, that is the hole there are two rats, hungry are afraid to go out, for fear of a cat outside, and finally one day, one of the rats can not carry, went out. It’s how to end, no one knows, the only thing to know is that the hole that mouse, is certainly starved to death.

  Heaven and earth, to all things for the dog. Those who kill us will eventually make us stronger.

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