Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu S2

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Makabe Yukiko is a detective in the First Investigative Division’s Emergency Investigation Response Team. They are a team of interrogation experts that goes by the name of Kintori. Surrounded by idiosyncratic veteran interrogators, she pursues the truth hidden behind cases as she plays mind and word games with tough criminals. The dead body of 28-year-old deliveryman Komaki Shusuke is found inside the delivery van of a courier service. The cause of death is drug poisoning. However, there is one queer point about the dead body. Komaki died in the driver’s seat with an open umbrella which he should not have needed for some strange reason. Right after that, an elderly widow Shirakawa Tamiko, who has no kin, gives herself up to the police. But worryingly, even her memory of turning herself in gets fuzzy in less than a few hours. The mystery deepens when none of the fingerprints inside the vehicle match Tamiko’s and the drug used in the crime is not found in her house. The case is designated an important one and the Kintori are put in charge of the interrogation. However, Yukiko is forced into an unexpectedly hard fight with Tamiko. Which are lies, which are truths? Yukiko feels impatient with Tamiko who is not straightforward, but does everything she can to gain a foothold. However, the more she probes, the more Tamiko’s real intentions get enveloped in fog …

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