KO One Re-call (2018)

The story takes place a month after ko one remember, where the great battle in the iron dimension is still ongoing. simultaneously in the gold dimension, there was a huge storm in the seams of dimensions. some were swallowed by the darkness, Gu Zhan was seriously injured, leaving Qiu Qiu to blame herself. With the ultimate class falling apart, it uncovers the battle between the gold dimension and the darkness. The legendary Ya Se Wang has returned as the new class teacher, determined to lead the students into university. The cold commander Lan Si Luo, the world’s weakest high-schooler Xiao Hu, Wan Shuang Long who was released from prison after being wanted everywhere, all fight for the new position as the class leader, the reopening of the Martial Arts Syndicate, the mask that the evil guy behind-the-scenes keeps borrowing, powers are about to shuffle around.

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