Kung Fu Angels 2014

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Born wealthy, self-centered man sloppy again Chih Cheng (Karena Ng ornaments) because of his father’s work to transfer to South bucket College. In a strange environment, Chih Cheng re-encounter long lost cousin kin (Alex Lam ornaments), although on the surface of the unruly wayward kin, the heart can not help but regard him as the only rely on. South bucket College strict rules and regulations, the same quarters Mei-yun (Zhang neat decoration) is difficult to get along with a strange girl, everything is very different with the old free life, so slack accustomed Chih Cheng struggled to live. By chance, get to know the school grass Chih Cheng, Wushu big brother wen’an (Xu Zhengxi ornaments) and his love at first sight. In order to pursue wen’an, blood on top of Chih Cheng joined the Wushu Team, only to face wen’an puzzled style, “rival” big iron senior sister apprentice Lan (Sheng Jun decoration) difficulties, but also challenging difficulties Wushu Team.
A full blood and passion of youth, ironic jokes abound Jiaoman violence staged lively girl Qiu Aiji soon.

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