Kung Fu Mahjong


Cherrie Ying is Fanny, an extraordinarily skilled mahjong player and young housewife, who’s usually forbidden from her tile-clicking addiction by husband Johnny (a smarmy Terence Yin). However, when Johnny falls in with bastard gambler Demon (Keung Ho-Man), Fanny gets sent packing. Johnny takes up with Demon’s femme fatale sister Curvy (Zuki Lee of Slim Till Dead), and Fanny is left alone. Worse, she seems to lose her mahjong-playing skills. Luckily, she receives additional training from her mahjong sifu Three Tiles (Wong Tin-Lam), who also schooled Auntie Fei (Yuen Qiu) from Kung Fu Mahjong 1, as well as sexy player-in-training First Love (Tiffany Lee). With the aid of her mahjong sisters, brother Ronaldhino (Sammy), plus Auntie Fei’s annoying husband Chi Mo Sai (Yuen Wah, also returning from KFM1), Fanny regroups in time to take on Curvy, Demon, and Johnnie at a climactic mahjong tournament.

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