La Grande Chaumière Violette

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San Francisco, 1980. As 72-year-old Guo Xue Hu reminisces about her hometown, Dadaocheng, a young man walks towards her from afar. It is Xin Xong, Yi An’s son. He has brought a letter from Yi An, a letter addressed to her. She learns that Yi An had already passed away last year. Xue Hu tells Xin Xong about the 1920’s, when she met his father, Yi An. Through Xue Hu’s words, Xin Xong pictures his father as a young man and gets to know him better. The memories of Yi An and Ru Yue’s tortuous love and all the scenes of joy and sorrow during those turbulent times keep coming back to Xue Hu… That era, those people. the things that happened are things she will never forget.

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