Last Friend (2018)

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A touching story that follows a group of young people born after 1995 pursuing their love for music.
Qin Yi and Zhong Yi are best buddies with opposite personalities. Qin Yi is tameless and easygoing. Zhong Yi is disciplined and prideful. The two join a singing competition together but Zhong Yi suddenly decides to withdraw. Qin Yi and the band lose their chance at winning championship and part ways.
Due to their shared love love for music, Zhong Yi and his roommates Coco, Yin Long and the tomboyish Wu Jin come together to form a band. During practice, Zhong Yi accidentally discovers a secret about Qin Yi. It turns out that Qin Yi had a heart transplant in the past and the donor was none other than his older brother who died from a car accident. Will he be able to cope with the truth so that they can stand onstage again?

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