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Asif does not believe in ghosts. He lives with his wife Rashmi and his late brother’s son Shaan. They’re invited to Rashmi’s parents’ Ratna and Sachin’s house for their silver jubilee. Rashmi’s father disapproves of the couple as Rashmi had eloped with Asif without her parents’ permission, but her mother is kind to them. On arriving, Asif and his family face an accident but no one is hurt. They meet Rashmi’s brother Deepak and his wife Ashwini. Asif and Shaan visit grounds which are believed to be haunted. While he is putting stumps into the ground, the stumps hit a buried body. Blood from the body gets on the stumps and Asif washes them; the blood is thrown into a lemongrass plant.

Ratna, Ashwini, and Deepak all have supernatural experiences. Ratna and Ashwini visit a priest; he tells them three ways to verify a ghost’s presence. When all three steps he mentioned happen, it confirms that there is a spirit in the house. Asif makes a lemongrass tea with the same plant where the blood was washed. When he drinks it, the ghost possesses him, and he begins to act effeminate. The family confronts him and it is revealed that there are actually three ghosts who have possessed him: a violent transgender woman, a man, and a mentally disabled boy. Asif’s family hires an exorcist who drives the spirit out of his body; the ghost of the woman, trapped, reveals her story.

Laxman Sharma alias Laxmii is a transgender woman who was disowned by her parents. She is offered shelter by a man named Abdul Chacha, who has an intellectually disabled son. Regretting that she could not become a doctor, she adopts another transgender girl named Geeta and works hard to support her financially. When Geeta leaves to study medicine abroad, Laxmii buys a plot of land intended to construct a hospital for the poor. Her property is unlawfully taken by the crooked MLA Girja. Laxmii angrily confronts Girja, who kills her, Abdul Chacha, and his son. Before she dies, she vows to kill Girja, his wife, and his henchmen. The bodies are buried in Laxmii’s own ground.

After hearing her story, Asif is touched. Risking danger, Laxmii possesses Asif once more. As Laxmii, he confronts Girja and gruesomely disposes of his henchmen. Girja seeks refuge in a Goddess Laxmi’s temple, which Laxmii cannot enter. Asif forcibly makes Girja come out and Laxmii kills him, getting her vengeance. A few months later, Asif has constructed the hospital for Geeta as per Laxmii’s wishes. He also unites with Rashmi and her

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