Leaving on the 15th Spring


Yuna lives on a remote Ryukyu island in Japan dividing her time between studies and tending the home for her father, a stoic sugar cane farmer. For reasons unknown to Yuna, her father has been ostracized by the rest of his family. Like generations before her, Yuna will move to the big island of Okinawa to finish her education, but before she leaves she must lead her traditional music circle in a farewell concert.

In her stirring portrayal of Yuna, accomplished pop and television star Miyoshi Ayaka sings and plays the sanshin, a traditional Japanese stringed instrument. Director Yoshida has worked closely with the locals of Minamodaito to craft a sensitive and poignant impression of a young girl on the cusp of adulthood, torn between the alternately attractive and conflicting natures of tradition and progress.

Uploader’s Comments: Even though I was a bit skeptical at first, it turned out to be a really enjoyable watch. Recommended if you like your films a bit restrained but still with a lot of heart. Yasuhiro Yoshida also also directed Enoshima Prizm, a film I’ve had my eyes on but not seen as of yet. After this one, my expectations has definitely risen.

Rip note: The bitrate might seem to be too low but it really isn’t. The DVD was extremely compressible, had to look twice to make sure I used the correct settings.

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