Legend of Dagger Lee

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The Flying Dagger of Swordsman Lee, once let loose, never misses its target. It is feared by those with guilty conscious but held in awe and respected by the righteous. It’s a dagger synonymous with justice and forgiveness. Li Xun-Huan, who wields the Flying Dagger, is one who values friendship and treats all his friends with utmost sincerity. He forgives anyone readily, even if they have harmed him before. He uses his Flying Dagger to save lives rather than to kill. However, his sworn-brother, Long Xiao-Yun, plans with a bunch of jealous pugilists, to frame him, to get rid of him.

A fellow from country-side aspires to be the best swordsman. His weapon – a bamboo sword. Belittled by all until it is too late. He is quick and lethal, sharp and smart. He is Ah-Fei (Wu Jing). His path is to cross with Li Xun-Huan and they are to become the best of friends. He is to be Li Xun-Huan’s most loyal friend. However, he also wishes to beat him in a duel to prove that he is number one.

A mysterious old man and his bright grand-daughter. Together they spin tales. Tales of heros. Tales of Li Xun Huan and Ah Fei. Tales that touch everyone’s heart. Tales that are not tales but truths. Truths that hurt the hypocrites. Nothing seems to escape their eyes. Not even the dastardly deeds of the two-faced pugilists from reputable sects. Who are these two story-tellers? What part do they play in the pugilistic world?

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