Legend of Mermaid

“Chasing Fish Legend” ( English : Mermaid Legend ) is a 2013 legendary costume drama , based in the southern region and the spread of myths and legends opera “chase fish” adaptation. Is China ‘s first 3D costume mermaid myth fantasy drama from Hong Kong popular niche Kenny Kwan as the actor, who plays the heroine Mermaid by Hairun small artistes Zhao Liying as to Strangeness moving Mermaid Love as the main line. This drama tells the story of a full sweetly yet ethereal, humorous immortal love story. “Chasing Fish Legend” in Hunan TV broadcast theater the first week for a debut, it triggered a ratings boom. At the same time, the play on mythological themes presented in the form of new, made audience. 2012 August fixing, July 13, 2013 Hunan TV premiere CCTV replay.Carp fine red damask clever cute mermaid (Hong Ling) , turned into human longevity election ashore as the Dragon King. By chance, hit the intellect of young scholar Zhang Zhen. Zhang Zhen’s father Zhang Wenxiang retired in fishing village, the prime minister’s sister Jin Ruolan fall in love with him many years stubbornly persists. Zhang Zhen and Hong Ling with matching two people together, seeing the lovers get married, Zhang Wenxiang was murdered before she can get married. The assassin was sent by the prime minister to silence Zhang Wenxiang because Wenxiang know about  the past atrocities committed by him. The captain of Imperial guard (Chan Feng) to help investigate the murderers. Zhang Zhen, and Zhang Zhen childhood tomboy Don Heart Department lover, also followed around. Zhang Zhen met with the prime minister’s daughter Kim Golden Peony (Kim Mu Dan) do not know Mu Dan’s childhood had been betrothed to Zhang Zhen. Mu Dan want to become Crown Princess to climb the high branches, poor scholar Zhang Zhen simply unable to enter her eyes. Hong Ling try to match make Kim Mu Dan and Zhang Zhen that created more trouble, but also slowly Hong Li fell in love with Zhang Zhen.  Zhang Zhen and Hong Li past the one thousand difficulties and resistance of test, have gone through hardships, and eventually she became mortal (a human being)!

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