Legend of Star Apple

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15 years ago, a young boy is drowning in the farm. Fortunately, he is rescued by a little girl. The two children pray
under the Star Apple tree together to wish for happiness for each other throughout their love lives and to meet each
other again after a period of 15 years

15 years have passed. To prove his capability, Tao Si Ming Dao), son of the Tao Enterprise, proposes to his father to
manage the farm where the Star Apple tree resides. At the same time, he also wishes to use this opportunity to avoid
his fixed marriage with Meng Xin (Yang Ya Zhu). Fate brings him to encounter Cao Ke Rui (Achel Chang), the young
lady whom he met under the Star Apple tree 15 years ago. When Tao Si eventually finds out that she is the one whom
he made the promise with 15 years ago, he confesses his feelings for her, not expecting that she has fallen for Lu
Tian Qi (Li Yang), an orphan who grew up on the farm with her, and unexpectedly, Meng Xin’s ex-boyfriend. How will
these 4 people overcome the obstacles and realise that deep down, their love is not the least like what they’d thought of?

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