Li San Qiang (2017)

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It tells the story of underground party member Li San Qiang who works his way to become the governor of the Wuze county and uses his courage and wits to defend his homeland during the Anti-Japanese War.
As the Anti-Japanese War entered a stalemate, Wuze County, an iron-rich place, became the next target of the Japanese. Filling this position became a big problem for the Kuomintang as several county heads that were previously appointed had all been assassinated.
Eventually, Li San Qiang manages to win the post. With the help of his wife Wang Qiao Gu, her brother Wang Tie Chui and other party members, Li San Qiang is able to gain control of the county. It may seem as if Li San Qiang is without a care in the surface, yet he has been pulling the strings from behind the scenes, causing other leaders to be wary of his political allegiances. Just when everything seemed to be going well, one of the underground party members’ identity is exposed. Despite the dangers, Li San Qiang leads his whole county in defending their territory against Japanese invasion.

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