Life Made Simple

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Ding Sheung-Wong (Roger Kwok) is a man in his thirties but with an IQ of a seven year old. People make fun of him by calling him crazy, but he tells them that he is just simple. His best friend Wong Kei-Fung (Jessica Hsuan), used to play a game where he was the husband and she was the wife; this is why Wong refers to Fung as his “little wife”.
One day Fung told Wong that she would have to leave to the United States for four years of college.
When Fung returns to Hong Kong, she finds a job at the Chung (鍾) Corporation where she works under the management of Chung Kam-Wing (Paul Chun) and his son Michael Chung Chi-Chung (Bosco Wong). Later Kam-Wing finds out that Wong is his biologically son and recruits him to his company as well. Angel On Kei (Leila Tong), Fung’s cousin, who returned with Fung from the States has a crush on Chi-Chung. But Chi-Chung has a crush on Fung. Fung feels that Wong is the one that can make her truly happy but is puzzled whether to choose Chi-Chung or Wong…

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