Life on the Line

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Within 10 minutes after the heart stops, if the cardiopulmonary resuscitation can be performed in time, the chance of survival can be increased by 90%. The ambulanceman is the first person to master this “golden time”. “Jumping Lifeline” is based on realistic methods and a large number of real case themes, and is fully assisted by the Fire Services Department. It is the real and little-known aspect of the ambulance work at the Baishengjiao Fire and Rescue College (FASA) and the Cheung Sha Wan Ambulance Station. . Reveal the experience of ambulancemen every day between life and death, face the heavy mission of salvation, learn to respect life, face the humility of life dominance, and face the subject of learning “life impermanence.” The experienced active ambulance corps is in the field (Ma Dezhong), who has a happy and complete family, but because the driver is drunk, the wife Zhang Xinxin (Li Jiaxin) is saved to death, so she hates any person and thing. Zhuo Jiajie (He Guangpei), who has divorced from his parents, has become a subordinate of Mai Zaida. Through the two people experiencing different ambulance cases, the audience can feel the ambulanceman’s comforting speech or silent companionship, which can alleviate the public’s fear of injury and the loneliness of death.

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