Living (JP 2020)


The novelist expands his imagination while receiving encouragement from the speaking acorn. It reflects 4 family patterns…

Episode 1 – Alice Hirose x Suzu Hirose – Good sisters living together. Although they seemed to live an ordinary life to the naked eye, there is actually a “face behind” that no one can see…

Episode 2 – Eita Nagayama x Ayato Nagayama – Japan, in the near future…One letter arrived in the morning one day under the guidance of my siblings who made a “cook” in the past.

Episode 3 – Akiyoshi Nakao x Riisa Naka

Episode 4 – Takataka Aoki × Yuka (voice)

Episodes 1-4 – [Writer] Sadao Abe & [Acorn] Danmitsu (voice) –
Writer: “? Human beings, say Datte following Acorn”
Acorn: “Then sensei, Can you tell me What, I man advantage?”

Now that people are facing difficulties, a special project that delivers the charm of fiction!

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