Look at the Sky and See the Cloud

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The pilot’s senior student will be in the nursing school for a two-week first-aid training. Mu Xiaoxiao is called by the new head nurse Zhang Sujin. She thinks she has a kiss with Jiang Yuntian and must catch up in two weeks. Jiang Yuntian. The school prepared a masquerade for them. At the ball, Mu Xiaoxiao thought that Jiang Yuntian must be handsome. She deliberately dressed up, mixed with some Kamen Riders and executioners, but she did not find Jiang Yuntian. I was very happy to see everyone, with a slight drunkenness, the frustrated Mu Xiaoxiao left alone and fell to the playground. At this time, she was surrounded by the Shrek. Shrek spoke of his childhood, and the girl of the childhood sent his origami wings, accompanied him to the sky. Now the girl is helping him through the crisis. He has finally confirmed his love in the confirmation. Mu Xiaoxiao was drunk and fell asleep. I don’t know that Shrek is Jiang Yuntian. I don’t even know that the childhood is himself…

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