Lost in The Dream (2007)

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College freshman Lin Lan likes to go to the school of the Prince of White Horse, for the sake of his love, under the plan of a good friend and miss, Lin Lan decided to stage a “beautiful beauty against the hero”, do not want the play to come true, Lin Lan really injured, was taken to the hospital. After that, two young men fell in love. Four years later, the freshman of the year became a student near graduation. Everyone is preparing for graduation. Little North, who was born in poverty, was struggling to find a good job, but he hit the wall everywhere. On the contrary, the well-to-do Lin Lan has settled the employment crisis sooner rather than later. For this reason, Xiao Bei’s heart produces a great psychological drop and sense of inferiority. Lin Lan, who lives well, is unable to understand the pressure of his boyfriend’s heart because work is in dispute with Xiao North. The two men fell apart.

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