Love 18 (2009)


In Taipei, he met friends who belonged to Taipei, such as the careless Ah Zhe (played by Jack Tan), the gentle and kind Xiao Shan (played by Cathy Chung), the exaggerated and crazy Hai Hai, and the serious and polite Ah Sing. The cultural curiosity and preliminary exploration between each other, After experiencing confrontation, conflict, mutual help, and finally feeling true friendship and love, let everyone learn to face problems bravely, and also have a better understanding of who you are. This is a winter vacation, and it also highlights the grandmother’s longing for and understanding for her daughter who marries away. The communication between her grandchildren has crossed the language barrier. The inability of family affection also made Ah Zhe unable to isolate the alcoholic mother from his heart, and the wall between Xiao Shan and his father was also broken through Joshua’s efforts. Is the United States or Taiwan the true root of Joshua? Is Grandma a strong stubborn old man or a kind and lonely old man? Can money really solve the problem? Who is the person he cares most about? At the beginning of the winter vacation, Taipei did not give him much expectation; at the end of the winter vacation, Taipei made him expect more.

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