Love & Farm


Students at an agricultural university are supposed to be the future farmers or at least to do something related to agriculture, but it’s not like that in reality anymore. But still they have to get enough credits to graduate, so here they are, 6 students coming from Tokyo to Hokkaido to take a 3-month training course. Takashi (Tetsuji Tamayama) is the most reluctant student who is actually from the farm they are at. Tohei (Keisuke Koide), Ryota (Atsuhiko Nakata), Ayaka (Saki Aibu), Mihoko (Karina), and Kazumi (Erika Toda) have their own problems. As they face the severe situation of the dairy farmers and go through tough experience, they gradually start appreciating the value of life and finding themselves. This ensemble dramedy follows the course how those young rather spoiled kids become fully grown-ups eventually.

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