Love of Sandstorm

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Chris Wu (Autumn’s Concerto, Substitute Princess) headlines a romantic comedy that proves you’re never too old to look for love, but your kids might not necessarily be of that opinion. Dashing printer salesman Yi De (Chris Wu), jujitsu/Hello Kitty fanatic Yi Shan (Chen Yu) and pervy weirdo Yi Qian (Deng Yu Kai) are the Lin siblings, and they have never really cared much about their parents’ incessant bickering. They just grew up with it. But after 27 years of marriage, the three learn their mother Chen Pei Ling (Ke Shu Qin) and father Lin Yuang Ming (Fan Guang Yao) have officially decided to divorce each other. Plus, their father has started dating a woman who is just marginally younger…than the number of years he was married. On the other hand, their mother is growing attracted to her Korean teacher, and wants to get plastic surgery to look younger. Now, not only do the Lin trio have to try and become something in their own lives–none of which are going particularly well–but they also have to try and convince their parents to stay together. Can their family survive this sandstorm of love, or will the mirage of lust get them thrown into a dune of despair?

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