Love Song


Kamishiro Kohei was a professional musician 20 years ago. He only had one hit song and remained in obscurity until his contract was terminated by the record company and he left the music industry. Now at the age of 44, Kamishiro is still a bachelor. He has no permanent residence and uses his looks to move from one woman’s home to the next. On this day too, he breaks up with a woman who feels that it is about time, and leaves carrying his little belongings and guitar case. Sano Sakura works as maintenance support at the maintenance shop of Big Mobil, a large car dealership. Although she is friendly, she is always reminded by her boss Takigawa Fumio to give proper responses. Sakura also does not talk much with her colleagues. After warning Sakura, Takigawa greets Kamishiro. Kamishiro serves as the company’s corporate counsellor twice a week. Although time has passed, he has not been able to completely cut off his passion for music and leads a life of drudgery. After work, Kamishiro heads over to the live music bar ‘S’ where the owner Sasa Yuji immediately recognises that he has broken up with a woman. Kamishiro requests for lodgings for the time being, but is rejected. It is difficult for Kamishiro to ask his old friends who have all settled down. Sasa suggests that it is better if he asks Shishido Natsuki again, but Kamishiro feels awkward about it and searches for a manga cafe to spend the night. However, none of them are comfortable so he has no choice but to stay overnight at Natsuki’s home. One day, Sakura makes a mistake at work. Worried about Sakura’s poor communication with her work colleagues, Takigawa gets her to see Kamishiro

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