Love Story (2001)

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Misaki is a 30-year old unlucky in love editor. She tends to fall in love hard and smothers her boyfriends to death. With no major accomplishments under her belt, she is told to look after Koh Nagase, a bestselling novelist in a slump. For the past 2 years, Koh hasn’t put out so much as a page. He is a proud, reclusive man who has gone through many editors. They don’t get along at first, and Koh fires her. However, Misaki keeps coming back to the Sunset Apartments partly to help Koh write and partly because she grows close to the colorful characters in the complex. Characters like budding illustrator, Nabetomo, and Nabetomo’s “stalker” Kano. Slowly, Misaki draws Koh out of his shell while falling for him herself.

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