Love With Long Gaze


The show follows three teams of celebrities who want to raise pets taking care of other celebs’ pets. Seung-hee and Park Jae-jeong, who have no real experience with the theory, are in charge of Kim Min-kyo’s six dogs. It is a pleasure to look at all those cuties, but taking care of them is quite a challenge. Kwak Dong-yeon will petsit Cheetah’s dogs and cats. He has raised dogs, chickens, and rabbits, but he has never raised a cat. Can he be a friend with cats? Lee Yeon-bok will take care of Lee Young-jin’s dog. He lost his pet due to illness a long ago, so he takes such good care of Cream, the dog. Through the pet sitters’ hard but enjoyable, and sometimes touching experiences, the show recounts the true meaning of a companion.

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