Luo Que (2020)

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Luo Que’s mother, Luo Yan Zhen, is entangled in her body. In order to give her mother better medicinal materials, she is willing to do anything. Luo Que came to the traditional Chinese medicine shop of Lin’s family – Shengchang Hall to do miscellaneous affairs. The old keeper always gave many impossible tasks to make things difficult, but it aroused Luo Que’s fighting spirit. She learned everything and in just a few months, she has known many prescriptions and effects. The young master of Jia Jun, from school to marriage are decided by his parents and never respects Jia Jun’s opinions. He looks cynical on the outside, but is trying to hide his lonely heart. This deeply touches Luo Que, and only she can see the truest side of Jia Jun.

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