Lure of Lies (2015)

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Lure Of Lies# Meng Xiaowei, Lin Feifei, Ye Xintong, and Xuan Lulu were classmates and friends in college. After graduation, they went their separate ways and stepped into society, starting their new career. The four girls are looking for their own positions in the bustling city. Facing the gap between ideals and reality, they were hesitant and confused, and the warmth and misunderstanding of human relationships also made them retreat and disappoint, but they chose to comfort each other, encourage each other, and face it strong. Life has given the four girls both the pain of failure and the joy of success. Although each person’s experience is different, they are all on the road of pursuing love and career. After hard work, they all achieved happiness in the end, and at the same time, they understood the true meaning of success through life experience.

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