Macau Family (2019)


Set against the backdrop of the return of Macau’s sovereignty to China is a realistic retelling of the lives of one family on Macau’s old street running the Liang Kee Bakery.
In the year 1980s, Liang Ding Wen succeeds his father’s business and becomes the new owner of Liang Kee Bakery. However, tragedy strikes simultaneously. His father Liang Heng and son Liang Jia Dong fall gravely ill. His younger brother runs into trouble while his wife Song Man Qin had no choice but to sell their old house to Su Yao Qing who’s been wanting to get his hands on their property. Thinking that his wife fell for Su Yao Qin’s son Su Lin’s manipulations, Liang Ding Wen chases her out of their home.
Years later, Su Lin and Song Man Qin return to Macau. Following the transfer of Macau’s sovereignty back to China in 1999, Liang Ding Wen and his family get their lives back on track. Liang Shu, Liang Jia Dong, and Chen Xiao Shuai have also grown up. Because of work, architect Wen Yang moves into the house of the Liang family where he gets to know and falls in love with Liang Shu. Liang Kee Bakery faces its toughest challenge yet with new competitors. Furthermore, Macau faces an unprecedented financial problem. The families find themselves in a situation where they must set aside their differences to save what they hold dear.

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