The story takes place in a sanatorium in the quiet mountainous area. The young psychologists Meng Lun (Liu Chang ornaments) and Mu Sifan (Lu Shan ornaments) came to this strange place as an intern, and began a period of intriguing bizarre stories. The mental patients in the sanatorium are so strange that they are each waiting for redemption in their complicated and spiritual world. And the doctors and nurses in white coats are also stunned by each other, hiding secrets of ulterior motives. This is not a simple sanatorium, it is full of mysterious things, and the gods and devils in the bottom of the heart are eager to move on the boundary between common sense and truth. And Meng Nor, who has supernatural power, is finally able to achieve his own mysterious purpose or fall into a terrible trap, which we cannot predict. The thick barriers of the spiritual world have cracked into gaps.

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