Magic Sword of Heaven and Earth

Fairy Baidong, who appears to be an old man but has only been training for 150 years (miniscule in fairy time), sees that the people of Earth are suffering because of intrusions from the world of Evil. He and a young assistant, Lu’Jan, set up a medical facility on earth to help the people, taking the name Budong (Baidong means All-Good). He also takes under his wing the impoverished scholar Shuangde, who lives in a temple where he trains two sisters, Qing’er (with whom he is in love) and Cai’er, in the ways of Good, for they are human girls raised by Evil spirits. Budong tells him not to associate with them because they are evil. In his zealous quest to do good, he is tricked by the Master of Darkness into freeing his spirit, though not his body, and that by holding the Master of Darkness’s spirit, he can contain him. Thus, he claims righteousness as he kills Qing’er, Cai’er, the warrior Cuo of the jade sword, who was raised by an evil tree spirit who fled and has been a major fighter.

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