Nogami Taeko who works at a foreign fund, is tasked by her company president, Machida Kenichi with restructuring an ailing company that has just been bought out. It is Japan Geothermal Development, a small company in the countryside which develops and supplies geothermal energy. Taeko unhappily wonders if she has been demoted, but gets on board to turn the business around. She grills the present company president Ando Koji about the company’s finances, and announces a restructuring plan that will lay off employees and close unprofitable divisions. This causes a furor among employees like Omuro Kojiro, the head of geothermal energy research, whose life has been consumed by years of research. Taeko plunges ahead based on the conviction of rebuilding the business and securing its profitability. However, she soon learns of the thoughts of people like Omuro who believe that they are developing energy for Japan’s future, and gets to know the potential of geothermal power generation.

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