Malai Sarm Chai (2010)

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La-Oor-Orn was brought to live in the royal palace with her Aunt Jaruay. When she was introduced to the people from the palace and the surroundings, everyone praised her maturity and predicted that she would grow into a beautiful, kind hearted woman. However, luck would betray her by bringing her to get into situations where she must undergo marriages 3 times. The 3 men are different in personality and style. Her first husband is Yot Pluton, a happy go party person. He is her first love that shows her the dark side of love. She finds the courage to leave him and live alone for a while. The 2nd man in her life is Thep Ratsak, a commanding officer in the military who is strong and stable. He is like the pillar and rock for her, but he would be taken away from her. After that she meets Jao Direak. He is a noble young surgeon that is handsome in all ways. He is like a magical well that brings her back to life once again. The entire time, regardless of her having 3 husbands in her life she is still admired by the people who knew her because of her kindness and the morals she held within her heart.

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