Man’s secret


detailsThis drama focuses on the marriage life of Zhang Yang and Julianne, discussing the way of life of young and middle-aged couples in contemporary cities, and through their classmates, friends and colleagues’ marriage, career and love life, it reflects the contemporary urban post-75s and 80s The young people’s concept of marriage and love and values ​​in the early stage of the show uses the “seven-year itch” as the entry point, telling the story of Zhang Yang and Julianne’s husband and wife passing through the “seven-year itch” in celebration of their peaceful passing of the “seven-year itch”. Yu a hotel organized a party called “Seven Years Doesn’t Itchy”, but this party was messed up by Zhang Yang’s uninvited ex-girlfriend in September and the ulterior motives of his friend and classmate Long Dongqiang. In the end, several pairs of protagonists found their true love in ordinary life. They realized the true meaning of life through difficult choices, and found that suspicion and the so-called “passion” would only make life more like a mess. True love lies in the seemingly ordinary bits and pieces in life.

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