Manila Kingpin

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The Ancient Gangland. Year 1950.
Gwangwars were in. Violence was the name of the game.
Gangsters carried Thompson?s and grease guns in a Bayong.
Police Characters were just too tough resulting in bloody encounters.
All notorious hoodlums dreamt to be the King.

But one smart and slippery hoodlum rose to power and reigned as King. He was the youngest and toughest Public Enemy No. 1 (Criminal) the Tondo Underworld ever bred. He was feared, respected and loved. A legendary Robin Hood in his time Tondo will never forget.
His gang called him Hitler.
Tondo remembers him by another name?.

He robbed the rich to give to the poor.
He lived and died by the gun.
He lived fast and died young.
This is his bloody career and salvage true-to-life story.

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