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Ryo Naruse (Satoshi Ohno) is known as the “Angelic lawyer”, a very smart lawyer who always manages to alter any case to its advantage. However, he also has another face that nobody knows about. He is in fact, a “Satan” who has been devoting his whole life to seeking revenge on the person who killed his younger brother 11 years ago… Naoto Serizawa (Toma Ikuta) is a fervent detective who has the top crime arresting rate. However, his hate for crimes is so strong that he often causes trouble during investigations. One day, Naoto receives a package containing a tarot card. Few days later, Naoto’s father Eisaku’s lawyer is murdered. At the crime scene, they find the same tarot card that was in the package… One mystery is followed by another in a series of killings. It is “the” perfect revenge scenario… so perfect that it is almost beautiful. A confrontation between two people, both with a dark past is about to begin.

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