Married Love First (2013)

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Tengfei is a celebrity in the wedding industry. The boss of his company recently hired an executive director who is nearly “four”, and this person is none other than Tengfei’s ex-wife Liu Li. Liu Li returned from Shenzhen with the purpose of reconnecting with her former husband, and using the power in her hand to “save the country with curves”, she set new rules for the company – older men and women cannot be single. Forcing Lao Teng to not lose his job, he launched an expert on a dating website to find a bride for himself. In this way, Qiao Mai, a beautiful 29-year-old woman, came into Lao Teng’s field of vision. Lao Teng prides himself on being talented, and feels that Qiao Mai is definitely “inseparable from ten” to himself, but in fact, the only meaning of Qiao Mai following Lao Teng is to forget his ex-boyfriend. After one night, Qiao Mai regained his rationality and quickly broke up with Lao Teng, and Lao Teng gradually discovered that his ex-wife Liu Li was actually a good woman. Just when Lao Teng was about to reunite with Liu Li, Qiao Mai, was pregnant

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