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Marzi revolves around a young girl, Manaal (Rabab Hashim) as she struggles with her unrequited love for Zain (Junaid Khan). Belonging to a middle class family, Manaal and her mother are dependent on her sister Afeera (Jana Malik) who is married to Irfan (Babar Ali), an influential businessman. Irfan’s dominating and demeaning behaviour, makes him the sole patriarch of his family. While on the other hand, Zain is a radio jockey and a singer in Irfan’s FM company. After a couple of meetings, Manaal falls in love with Zain while Zain remains sceptical about his feelings. Upon knowing about Manaal’s family background, Zain steps back as he fears getting involved with Irfan’s family. Irfan’s vicious planning against Zain and Manaal makes him put Zain under fake kidnapping charges of Manaal. Manaal being reckless and rebellious at heart asks Zain to fight for themselves.

Will Zain ever be able to stand for his love or will he succumb to Irfan’s will?

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