Master of My Own (2022)

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Ning Meng has always had a dream of becoming an investment director, but the work she can do after graduation is far from her dream. Her boss, Lu Jiming, is an investment president with strong business capabilities. He does not think Ning Meng can also become a qualified investor. One day Ning Meng finally made up her mind to leave Lu Jiming and prove to him and herself that she could do it. Ning Meng re-applied for a job. After all obstacles, she finally entered Eagle Stone Investment and began her promotion. In the process, Lu Jiming was also paying attention to Ning Meng. At first, he did not approve, but at an important juncture, Ning Meng would be mentioned to help her through the difficulties. Lu Jiming’s long-term investment philosophy has benefited Ning Meng greatly, and Ning Meng also changed Lu Jiming’s attitude towards life. The two influenced each other and went hand in hand. After going through countless twists and turns, Ning Meng transformed into a unique gold investor. Lu Jiming also learned to be more mature and responsible. They believe that each other is the most correct person.

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