Medal of the Republic (2021)


It is an anthology drama about the lives of eight legendary figures in China:

Yu Min: Involvement in national defence and security from his youth until he reached his middle age.
Shen Jilan: Advocating “equal pay for men and women” and her election to the first National People’s Congress.
Sun Jiadong: Countless defeats become the starting point to depict the relentless spirits of the Chinese scientists.
Li Yannian: Heroic feats during the Korean War (known in China as the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea.)
Zhang Fuqing: A war veteran has gone to live in one of the poorest regions and helped people out of poverty.
Yuan Longping: Worked tirelessly to provide food and clothing for his motherland and the people of the world.
Huang Xuhua: It recounts the difficult process in China’s independent research and development of nuclear submarines.
Tu Youyou: Development of the new antimalarial drug artemisinin and answers some doubts people have about the Nobel Prize received in 2015.

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