Meet the In-Laws (2011)

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Hyun Joon is a comic book artist from the Jeolla-do region, now working in the capital city of Seoul. One day he meets Da Hong, a fan of his who is from the port city of Pusan. The couple’s relationship has progressed where they are now thinking of marriage. The only problem is Da Hong’s father has a severe prejudice of people from the Jeolla-do region. When Da Hong’s father was younger he was a professional baseball pitcher. He was then beaned in the eye by a pitcher which ended his baseball career. The pitcher was from the Jeolla-do region. Making the couple’s possible marriage even more tricky, Hyun Joon’s father wants his son to marry a local girl from the Jeolla-do region.

The couple then comes up with an idea. Hyun Joon will go to Da Hong’s home and tell a “small” white lie about his background – that he is a native of Seoul. Now, Hyun Joon must lose his regional Jeolla-do dialect and also be able to lie to his possible future in-laws.

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