Mega Bank Saishuu Kesse

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Tozai Teito EFG Bank is a mega bank centred on Teito Bank and created by the merger of Tozai Bank, EFG Bank and Teito Bank by the Financial Services Agency. Ever since the merger, those from Teito Bank have taken control and a hierarchy by former financial institution persists within the bank. In the middle of this, a shrewd dealer Katsura Mitsuyoshi has climbed to the position of the forex department’s managing director because his skills are appreciated even though he is not from Teito Bank. On the other hand, Nihei Shohei who comes from the general affairs department of Meikyo Bank, which is the precursor of EFG Bank and ranked lowest in the Tozai Teito EFG Bank, earnestly pushes ahead in his work without yielding to this hierarchy. One day, Tozai Teito EFG Bank is suddenly plunged into a bankruptcy crisis because of the purchase of ultra long-term government bonds in secret talks conducted between the top management of Tozai Teito EFG Bank and bureaucrats of the Financial Services Agency and a simultaneous crash in Japanese government bonds. Together with Nihei, Katsura fights against the foreign funds targeting to acquire Tozai Teito EFG Bank and scheming bureaucrats for the sake of the company’s survival. What will their future be? ~JDrama Weblog~

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