Mookuthi Amman (2020)

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Engels Ramasamy is a Nagercoil-based news anchor working for Nanjil TV, a not so famous channel. His family consists of his single mother, paternal grandfather and three sisters. Engels was rejected by many girls for marriage as his family is poor and his father had abandoned them. One day, the family plans to leave for the Venkateswara Temple, Tirupati for the fourth time, only to cancel it as the youngest sister has got of age. They soon realise that they should go to their family deity Mookuthi Amman’s temple to seek good luck, so they head there and stay for the night. During their sleep, Amman appears in human form at the temple, which Engels witnesses. He soon realises that only he can see her as he is a god-chosen child. She decides to improve the family’s life, but in return, Engels must popularise her temple. After he complies, he decides to make his family members’ dreams come true with the help of Amman. He asks the eldest of the three sisters what she wants. She asks him for a day-off as she dropped out of school, she has been the house’s homemaker and has never enjoyed life like the other members of the family. Amman also tells him that not all men appreciate what women do for them every day. After that, he guarantees her sister weekly Sunday holidays.

Bhagavathi Baba, a godman, enters the Mookuthi Amman temple and announces that he will construct a town named Panchavanam, which will destroy 148 villages around the temple. This angers Engels, who has always tried to reveal his scams for the past six years. Amman decides to help Engels expose Baba. The next day, she makes herself visible to Engels’ family members, who start to like her. They soon decide to take down Baba together. Once, Engels goes to a meeting with Baba but sees his father as a follower of Baba who lied to his family that he fled him. He narrates the story to his mother. Engels’ mother and sisters infiltrate Baba’s group posing as Baba followers and start taking videos of him behaving badly in front of the other members without him noticing. Engels gets a job at Star Vijay and does a daily show with Baba, in which people phone him and look for solutions to their issues. During the first episode, a man phones Baba to convince his father to take his kidney at the hospital since the man married a girl of another religion and as a result, does not want his kidney. Baba then tells the father that he has done the right thing in not accepting his kidney, thus proving that he is a bigot. Later on, Engels proves to the public that Baba’s Panchavanam project is against the laws and that Baba does not even know a line of the Bhagavad Gita.

The next day, Engels reveals even more dark truths about Baba. Baba then challenges Engels to answer three questions at the groundbreaking ceremony of Panchavanam and if he answers those questions, he will not launch Panchavanam. After the episode’s filming, Baba learns of Engels’ family’s plans to stop him. Engels immediately tells the others to escape Baba’s class. But during the escape, their car runs out of fuel and they are caught by Baba’s henchmen. Engels calls for Amman and she kills the henchmen using her powers, allowing the family to reach Panchavanam’s groundbreaking ceremony in time. There, Baba reveals that the extraordinary events that made the Mookuthi Amman temple famous were all staged by Engels. When asked why he staged the events, Amman makes herself visible to everyone and arrives on the stage. She tells everyone that there is no need for men like Baba to protect God and everyone should pray to God out of faith and not fear, after which she disappears into dust. After her speech, Baba becomes a public enemy. The next day, Amman spots Engels travelling in a bike and asks him for his final wish before heading back to her abode. He replies that he is grateful for what he has. In a voiceover, Engels informs viewers to not be greedy when wishing to God.

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